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Anna's Rules of Self-Defense

Anna's Rules of Self-Defense:

  1. Get a gun.

  2. Know how to use it.

I think for some, self-defense has become synonymous with martial arts. They are not the same thing. Ask anyone who's ever brought kung fu to a gun a fight. Oh wait, you can't. They're dead. I'm not saying that learning how to fight can't save your life, but it'd be nice if everyone was fighting on equal footing. Like no one had a weapon and it was one on one. And you're similarly matched in skill and size. As someone who regularly trains with a guy that outweighs her by a good seventy pounds, it's not ideal. (And he likes me.)

But how often do you think men look at other men and say, "Yeah, I look similarly matched to that guy, I think I'll go mug him." Or look at women and say, "I'm a 160 lb guy, let me try to force that 160 lb woman in the back of my van." Not very often.

I realize there are cities where carrying isn't a legal option. My advice, especially if you live in a city with high crime/gun violence: move. You will forever be outmatched. And if that's not a viable option, I would research the most lethal weapon I'm allowed to carry and learn how to use it.

Yes, there are other, dare I say more important, rules of self-defense. The most effective being not getting into a sticky situation in the first place. But that's never been my MO, so these are the rules I live by.

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