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March 1, 2024 Newsletter (In case you missed it in your inbox)

Greetings from Georgia! I hope you're not as cold as I am.

Not a lot of news this go round. Which is pretty sorry, I know, considering I skipped out on last month's newsletter all together. But I haven't just been hibernating, swear.

Okay, maybe I've been mostly hibernating, but February is a cold-hearted b-word, and I don't like her. Yes, I do think February is a woman. Why else would she give me a blissfully warm 70-degree day and then go back to the mid 40's? Because she's hormonal.

Anywhoo, from the warmth of my writing cave (the desk in my bedroom) I've been hard at work getting Wes's story ready and am happy to announce I'm delivering on time, as promised!

Some quick backstory to the story of Wes's backstory ... most of it is true. Even the part where he jumps out of the helicopter, because how do you make something like that up?

Not sure if I forgot to mention it previously, but the last chapter of the Orphan is also true. Actually, a lot of what I write is loosely based on real people and real events. (Minus the murdery bits, but of course I'd say that.)

Rapid shift in topic: Are audiobooks your thing? If they are and you'd like to receive a free copy of Avenger of Blood on audiobook in exchange for a review, let me know. I'll be getting 100 review copies and can't think of anyone I'd rather distribute them to than my email subscribers. Or if you have friends and family that you think would enjoy Avenger of Blood via audiobook, I'm happy to send you a copy to share with them.

Now for what you've all been waiting for:

This life was supposed to be easy.

Then I met Anna.

Then I met Spike.

Heaven help me.

Free for my email subscribers! (Because y'all are awesome.)

I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you think Wes deserves his own novel.

Until next time ...



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