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Most Effective Martial Art

What's the most effective martial art? I don't think there is one. But I do have a favorite, and it's jiu jitsu by a mile. I started my martial arts journey in kung fu, (because I thought it looked it cool and didn't know any better) and while not completely useless, I'd say a lot of it's not exactly practical either. I added in kick boxing shortly after, and eventually discovered jiu jitsu. I'm not making any claims as to what's "most effective," I guess that would really depend on what the end goal is, but there's a reason every MMA fighter has jiu jitsu in their repertoire.

Why is it in my repertoire? Because it makes sense to my left-sided brain. There's a science behind the art. A use of physics that (somewhat) evens the playing field. I don't want to trade blows with someone who outweighs me by seventy pounds and doubles my reach. First square hit and I'm most likely done for. I don't really want to be pinned to the ground by that person either, but at least in that position it's possible for me to break their arm. Or both of their arms. It's really hard to come after someone with two broken arms. Something I would never be able to accomplish by going toe to toe.

If you're looking for a place to start your martial arts training, I highly recommend starting with jiu jitsu. Kickboxing's not a bad idea either. It's also hard to come after someone with a broken kneecap, which with a little training, isn't as hard you might think.

Tell me this doesn't look like a good time:

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