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Trust Your Gut

Let me tell you a little story about "Spike" and "Anna" taking their dreaded last-minute trip to the shopping mall this holiday season. (I realize Christmas was two months ago, but I'm stealing this post off my social before I shut it down. (I'll cover that in another post.)) We were standing in the checkout line, at Macy's of all places, and suddenly I turn around to see Spike fifteen feet away, all up in some lady's business. Why? Because he sees and hears in all directions when we're out in public. At home, he can't find the ketchup in the refrigerator or hear what I'm saying when I'm standing right next to him, but in crowded places he develops the eyes of an eagle and ears of a wolf. Naturally, I had to leave my place in line to investigate.

Turns out this poor woman was being stalked through the store by some sketchy looking hobo, and she was asking an employee if they would page security to walk her to her car. (It was dark and she'd parked at the back of the lot.) Spike overheard with his wolf ears and volunteered us for the job. By the time I reentered the line and finished checking out, security had made it to the front and was asking her for a description. All Spike had to hear was "and was wearing pajama pants," before he congratulated her on making the right decision. So we walked her to car--security perfectly content to let us do their job--Spike beaming with excitement all the way. In his mind, this had the makings of a Christmas miracle. He would love nothing more than to beat up some guy in pajamas pants for harassing this poor woman.

Of course the guy was a no show, but bravo to this lady for trusting her gut and coming back inside.

Moral of the story: Trust your gut. Don't worry about making it awkward. Make it all kinds of awkward. The awkwarder the better.

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