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World's Worst Marketer Award

Updated: Apr 25

It's official. The votes are in, and I'm awarding myself the title of World's Worst Marketer. It's not that I hate marketing (I mean, I do), it's just if I did all the things the "marketers" are advising, there would be no time left for writing books.

Okay, maybe that's not true. Normal people could probably manage some sort of social media presence, maintain a blog, and still find time to write books. But for someone who has been shooting Zuckerberg the double middle finger for the past couple decades, it takes me a good twenty minutes to make a single Facebook or Instagram post. In a futile attempt at not giving "them" my info, I first create the post/reel/whateverTF it's called, on my computer, email it to my actual phone, airdrop it to my burner and post it from there.

I say all that to say, I refuse to comply, and until I do, I simply won't have time to do all the "things." The number one "thing" I've been advised to do is have a website and newsletter. No problem there. It's when asked to something more than once a month, it all falls apart.

The number two thing I've been advised to do is maintain a blog. But considering Avenger of Blood was released in February 2023 and I've made a total of two blog posts (I'm not counting the sample chapters from AOB and The Orphan) to date, that's not realistically going to happen.

Cross-posting to the rescue! Yes, this is my official solution. Going forward I will be posting copies of the newsletters here. That way my "blog" has content, and if you missed the newsletter in your inbox, you can find a copy of it here. Supposedly this is horrible marketing practice. But it will be happening.

Just wanted to give you the heads up.

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