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May's Newsletter ~ Winter fail, cartels, and eye takes

Greetings from Key Biscayne! Home to some of the richest South and Central Americans and a cartel heaven with ironically zero crime. What does this prove? No one likes to shit where they eat. No, I'm not saying everyone in Key Biscayne has ties to the cartel, but I'm not saying no one does either. And there's a reason we went. A little info gathering mission, if you will. Rubbing elbows with some, getting snubbed by others. That's all I'll say for now.

A few updates on other things:

First, my proposal for New Winter was vetoed, and the plan I had to survive Old Winter (winter) was a total fail. The fluff is still there, my dry-fire pants "might not" fit, and I will be boycotting food from now until July (probably not), as well as getting back on a training regimen. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, feel free to check out the post Khaleesi is My Spirit Animal.) But no one was murdered this winter, so there's that. And I survived. Barely. But my mind did go to some pretty dark places. Observe:

(A snippet from Burned)

~ Water flowed from the faucet, filling Anna's cup. She threw it in Maurice’s face, and he woke up sputtering. “Tell me about the warehouse.” The glass clinked on the counter.

His gaze darted around the kitchen, brows drawing together. A wad of spit landed on the table.

“Someone woke up sassy.” She folded a paper towel and wiped up the spittle. “Or do you think I won’t torture you here because I told you this was a rental?”

“Fuck off.”

“You have three seconds. One…”

“Or what—”


“You’ll break another kneecap?”

Anna fisted his thinning hair. Middle finger forming a hook, thumb pressing against her proximal joint, she wedged her knuckle under his brow bone. A sucking noise gave way to a pop, and his eyeball shot into her hand. She yanked, severing the nerve protruding from his eye socket, and fell back in her chair, dangling his eye like a yo-yo. ~

So, yeah, that was my head space this winter. Maybe not the worst thing I was MIA.

Not sure if you remember that little game of "one of these things is a lie," where I listed random facts about myself, but the one about plucking an eye from a socket—true. Kinda. While Shou Shu does teach "eye takes," I'm still waiting on a volunteer. Until then, I can theoretically* pluck an eye from a socket.

*Personally untested, but I'm guessing some ancient Chinese warrior plucked an eye from a socket and thought it was worth passing down.

Second, I had the extreme pleasure/privilege of being interviewed by the amazing book blogger known as Alis over at A Page Book Club. If you're constantly on the hunt for a new book to read, she does an awesome job reviewing books from just about every genre imaginable. She graciously allowed me to cross post the interview to my blog. If you're interested, you can check it out here: Seriously Honored ~ Thank You, A Page Book Club. Or, if you'd like it direct from the source, here: Unveiling the Craft: An Exclusive Interview with Sabine Reeve, Author of the Anna Croix Series.

Third, Burned is deep in the editing phase, and it's looking more and more like that summer release date is a go. As soon as I have an exact date, you will have an exact date. Swear.

I think that's it for now. Until next time ... I heart you so hard.



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