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My Favorite Gun to Shoot and Why

Meet the Walther PDP.

I swear this gun was custom made for my hand. And it's not just me, almost everyone who's had the pleasure of shooting one of these praises the grip. This baby's got back—I'm referring to that beautiful bulge at the base, couple that with the drool-worthy stippling, and this sucker's not going anywhere. Feel free to fire away without ever needing to readjust. (It also comes with a range of backstraps sizes, so if you're cursed with tiny hands like me, or if you've got some monstruous ham hocks, there should be a size for you in there somewhere.)

Just as loved as the grip are the mag and slide release. Those things are massive. It's like the other guns aren't even trying. If my stubby thumb doesn't have a problem reaching these, yours won't either. I just measured the slide release, because I had to, and it's two freaking inches long.

Um, the front cocking serrations on the slide—genius. Even on the hottest of days, with the sweatiest of hands, you won't have a problem.

The stock trigger is golden.

No complaints on capacity. (Eighteen plus one.)

Can't really comment on the sights. Because I've been shooting a red dot for so long, I honestly don't remember what the iron sights were like, but I'm sure they were fine. On the subject of sights, kinda, this gun indexes more naturally than any other I've tried. For someone that's cross eyed-dominate, that's a big deal.

And this is going to sound strange, but when appendix carrying this gun, it lays "flatter" than much smaller guns. Full confession, I don't so much appendix carry as above the navel/below the shelf of my boobs carry. That's the only way I can truly conceal a gun of this size on my (almost) 5'4 frame. If anyone has discovered a better way for petite women to accomplish this, please share.

I think that's it. If you've never had the pleasure of firing one of these, I highly recommend it. It's a pleasure straight out of the box, no modifications required.

(I mean, just look at it. That's a nasty looking gun.)

*I'm not sponsored by or affiliated with Walther in any way. Walther, if you're reading this and would like to change that, I'm down.

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