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Shooting Terms

I realize for anyone not immersed in the world of shooting, it can seem like a foreign language sometimes. So, I've compiled this list of terms. If some of these look familiar, that's because I copied and pasted them from the glossaries in Avenger of Blood and The Orphan. Please feel free to add to this list. Or, if you have questions about a term I forgot to mention, don't hesitate to ask.

A-Zone: The kill zone on a cardboard target. Where you want your bullet to go. The only letter that matters.

Capacity: How many rounds of ammo will fit in your gun.

CC: Concealed carry.

BUG: Backup gun.

EDC: Everday carry.

MOS: Modular Optic System (not to be confused with military occupation specialty). Fancy way of saying you can put a red dot on a gun.

Battlefield Pickup: Sourcing supplies from the enemies of your slain, or anything you can pick up on the battlefield that's of use.

Broke the Black: Hit the bullseye.

BTF: Brass to face. (When the bullet casing hits you in the face.) Usually caused by limp-wristing your grip.

Dry Fire: The bane of every shooter's existence. Also, practicing with an unloaded gun.

Ear Pro: Keeps you from going deaf.

Eye Pro: Keep you from going blind.

Low Ready: Keeps you from accidently shooting a friendly. (A specific gun handling position for when you think danger is around the corner, but you're not 100% sure.)

Magazine: What holds your ammo. Not a clip. Interchangeable with "mag."

Plus One: An extra round of ammo in your gun. Achieved by chambering a round and then using a full magazine.

Primary: The primary gun you carry.

Rage Quitting: When your body refuses to listen to your brain and you quit, vowing never to pick up a pistol again. Usually lasts an hour or two.

Red Dot: We're talking about optical sights. This isn't the red dot that appears on people's chests in the movies. This one is only visible to the person holding the gun. And it's not always red.

Slice the Pie: Approaching a checkpoint with maximum concealment while you clear the area in sections that resemble slices of a pie.

Spray and Pray: Amateurish use of an automatic weapon. (Or semi-automatic weapon)

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